Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today my friends "Abby" & "Joey" joined Pets on Wheels with me.

This is "Joey". He is my beagle friend.
He walked into my Moms grooming shop one day. He told me he had been wondering the streets and was VERY hungry. He picked my Moms son, Nick, to be his forever owner.

Boy does he Love Nick.

Just between you and me, he Loves Nick because Nick is just as crazy as he is.

This is my friend "Abby".

"Abby" is like me, only she is a Toy Poodle.

My Mom rescued her from a breeder.
"Abby" lived in a cage for 6 years having puppies.


"Abby" is very nice, but she is very insecure.

She really Loves our Mom.

"Abby" can be very jealous, but I understand and let her have her alone time with Mom.

I know Mom Loves me too.

They both did a great job with the test.

It can be a little scary when they squeeze you, and pull your ears. It is really, really scary when they slam the chair on the floor.

They have to do these things to test us, because sometimes elderly people and small children pull on things they shouldn't.

Some times I think we dogs have more manners then small children.

Just my thought.

Well...maybe I heard Mom say that once.

When the test is over, they pet us and love us up so that we know everything is ok.

My Moms daughter, Jessica, will be taking turns taking "Abby" and "Joey to visit people and make them smile.

I like this job.

I get treats.

I am not doing it just for the treats.

Really I am not.

Really, really I am not.

Did I mention...

I get TREATS!!

With Love, Hanna

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