Monday, July 26, 2010


Do you like to sleep?

I do.

Boy, do I.

Mom made a special place for us to sleep while she works all day.

It is right in front of the big window, and next to Mom's table.

I love sleeping there.

Mom thinks I sleep in fun positions.

I love to sleep on my back.

And 'Lily likes to sleep on me!

She always sleeps on me.

That is o.k., 'Lily' is my best friend, after Mom of course.

I also love sleeping out on our front porch. (when it is not too hot)

The sun feels sooo good.

But just when I get all comfy cozy...

The deer come through the woods, and the the squirrels start chasing each other.

How is a dog supposed to sleep?

Oh, I like to drive Mom crazy by sleeping on the floor in front of my bed.

Of course at night I sleep in the best place of all...

On Mom's bed, right up against her legs. ;)

With Love, Hanna

Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Loving Memory

I have not written for awhile.

We lost my little friend a couple of weeks ago very suddenly, without any warning.

One minute she was here...

Mom said she died from multiple, severe, Epileptic seizures.

Mom rush out of the house with 'Misty", but could not get to the Emergency Vet in time.

Everyone is very sad.

'Misty' was so little, that we were not allowed to play together, but at work we all slept together.

AND every morning we waited for Mom to give us our pieces of Pop Tart.

'Misty' LOVED her Pop Tarts.

She always got the first piece.

She would take it and hide in her bed, eat it, then come out for more.

We miss you 'Misty'.

Mom most of all.

Mom said she is playing at 'Rainbow Bridge', and that we will all see her again.

In Loving Memory of our 'Sweet Misty'

with Love, Hanna

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Park

We went to the park the other day.

Before the weather turned really hot.

It is 105 out today.
I am  in the cool house right now.
I don't plan on going out anytime soon.

Anyway, back to the park.
 There was a playground.

I had fun climbing on all of the play stuff.

Then we all went over to the swings.

I really liked the swing.  

First, I got on the swing with Nick.

Then I got my own swing!

It was fun to people watch.

But, I did not want them to swing me.
I liked just sitting there.

I was really enjoying myself. 

And then... 

Ben came along and took me out of my swing.

I was not happy, but it was Ben's turn to swing.

Jess had the other swing.

We where all having a great time.

Then it was time to walk over and play a little badminton.

 This was not very fun for me.
I was not allowed to run around.
I have to say I don't agree with that at all.
I am a good girl.
I wanted to run!

I want to go back to the swings.

Or we could go get ice cream.

Ice cream it is!

With Love, Hanna