Monday, August 30, 2010

Visit to Harpers Ferry

What a fun day.
Mom and Dad took me and 'Lily' and 'Bentley' for a ride today.
It was a two hour drive, but we like the car since we go to work everyday with the family.

We almost did not go, because it was overcast.
The weatherman said that the rain would come and pass, and it would be a nice day.

Well the rain came and passed and came and passed and came...

It rained on and off the whole way there.
When we got there it looked like the rain was gone.
We started the 3/4 mile walk to the town. Half way there it started raining again.
We all got under a very large tree to stay dry, but it kept raining and raining and raining.
So we gave up and finished the walk into town.
We were all wet when we got there.
That was ok, because it was a really warm day, and the rain felt good.
We got undercover when we got into Harpers Ferry.

I was all wet and so was Mom.
All of us were wet.

Mom said the town would normally be crowed, but nobody was out.
We had a good time walking around.

Across the river is Maryland on one side and Virginia on the other.
Mom said we were standing on the West Virginia side.
This was a very important place during the Civil War.

We hiked up to the Cemetery. 

This was one of the outdoor jail cells.
It was creepy.

This was St. Micheal's Church.
It is high on a hill, with a really great view.


The rain finally stopped.
We walked down to the river.

The Civil War soldiers were everywhere.
One came up to 'Lily' and told her that she looked like she would taste good.
The soldiers were so hungry during the war, that they EAT dogs!

Mom said she could have stayed all day and listen to this man play.

This is one of the ruins of a gun factory.
Of course, the sun came out as we were leaving.

With Love, Hanna

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Abby's First Visit

Today was 'Abby's' turn to visit at Hart Heritage.
I could not go because I went to Harpers Ferry on Sunday in the rain.
I got a little dirty.
I will post about that later.

Mom said that 'Abby' was a hit.
Most of the Seniors enjoyed holding her in their laps.
I am too big to get in their laps, so I just sit next to them, and let them pet me.

Mom did say that a couple of the ladies asked about me.
I will be visiting the next time with 'Abby'.

Miss Daloris really liked 'Abby'.
She asked Mom if she could keep her.
'Abby' told me that Miss Daloris gave her A LOT  of hugs and kisses.

With Love, Hanna

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first visit

Mom finally found a place for us to visit.
We are visiting a retirement home named Hart Heritage.
My buddy Joey went also.

We were so excited and happy when we got in the car that Mom decided to stop and let us take a walk to blow off some steam.

We got to walk around the Church grounds.

Mom said we could not run around because we had to stay clean.


Who said I was going to get dirty. 

I just wanted to roll in the grass a little and run around like crazy.

I wasn't going to get dirty. ;p

Now Joey...that's another story.

Sometimes being white has it's drawbacks.

We visited 9 people today.
They were all very nice.
Some of them let me give them kisses.
One lady even gave me something to eat before Mom could stop her.
( I gobbled it down before Mom could take it away too. )

Mom wasn't mad, she just does not like other people to give me food unless she knows what it is.

Next time we go to visit, they said that they would have dog treats for us. :))

Mom was not allowed to take pictures, so I don't have any to put up,
but Ms. Martha told a funny story.
She said that when she was little, she walked to school with her brother.
Everyday they had to walk through a bad part of town where there were some mean kids that used to tease and scare them.
She said that one day her father brought home the ugliest dog she had ever seen.
Ms. Martha and her brother decided to take the dog with them to school one day, and when those mean kids saw that big ugly dog, they never bothered Ms. Martha and her brother again.

Ms. Martha didn't think I would scare anyone.

with Love, Hanna