Monday, May 31, 2010

Photo Shoot

I have not been on in a while...Mom has been too busy.

Going to Tennessee...without me!

Going to a Graduation Party...without me!

Oh well, she is back! That is all I care about!

Anyway, Mom called us all out side for an in-prompt-to photo shoot the other day.
(Her two legged and four legged kids)
We lined up on the stairs.
Then the fun and silliness began.

Trying to get
to look at
the camera.

Ben kept making faces.

    Jessica was sticking out her tounge.

Nick was cracking jokes.

More faces from Ben!

More of Jess and Nick fooling around!

Getting closer...

Now if everyone would just look at the camera.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Who is causing the trouble?
Not the four legged kids!

Come on Mom, get your children under control.
I am hungry, it's time for dinner!

Well, Mom can't decide.
After taking around 50 pictures...

This one...
(as close to calm as she was going to get)

    or this one...
(just joy, joy,joy)

She is still trying to decide which one she likes better.

Take your time Mom...
We are leaving.

Come on Mom, go make dinner.

Everybody is hungry.

Bye Mom...

Stop looking at the pictures.

We're not coming back.

See you later.

With Love, Hanna


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom's job

I had a lazy day at work today.

I was sleeping as usual.

THEN I smelled it.

I smelled it before I woke up.

I smelled it before I saw it.

I can't even begin to discribe the SMELL.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you my Mom is a groomer.
She owns her own shop.
She likes to make dogs happy by making them look nice and smell nice.
That is why I look good. ;)

Anyway..back to that smell.

It was a very large Airedale.
We will call him Mr.M.
Mom said that Mr.M had not been groomed in over a year!

Boy did he smell like it.
I don't know how he could stand it.
I get itchy if Mom hasn't bathed me in a few weeks.
I am so happy my Mom keeps me and my friends pretty and clean.

Mom said that Mr. M was VERY matted.

AND, that he had six inch dread locks hanging off his private parts!

Mr. M was a very nice and cool dog.
He was also a very happy dog.

Mom was about to make him happier!
She had to give him THREE bathes with special shampoos for his skin and to help loosen the bad matts.
And..a special shampoo to make him smell better.

Did I mention that he REALLY stunk?

Mom said that Mr. M was well feed and a happy dog, but that some people don't understand that letting a dog get really dirty and matted can be unhealthy and painful.

After Mr. M's bath, Mom used a high powered dryer to blow the matts away from Mr. M's skin.
Now Mom can safely clip Mr. M's hair.

Oooh, he smells better!

WOW! Mr. M you turned out to be one handsome guy!
How does it feel to see again?
Mr. M was so happy to be free of all that dirty, matted hair, that he was ready to jump off the table and play!
The owners talked about grooming Mr. M more often.
We'll see.
I like watching Mom make other dogs pretty and clean.

Time for another nap.

With Love, Hanna

Monday, May 17, 2010

Begging for Dinner

Let me just start by saying, I DON'T BEG!

I PATIENTLY wait for my food...

and treats...

and some of Mom's food...

and what ever drops on the floor...



I do not do what 'Arianna' does.
('Arianna' is Mom's big beast of a horse.)
That silly horse puts on a show every time Mom gets her Vegetarian dinner ready.
Vegetarian, not in this life time, that horse does not know what she is missing.
Who would think a big beast like that would only eat grass, grains, seeds, carrots, apples...

Sorry...I digress.

Back to 'Arianna'.

Everyday 'Arianna' stands by the gate and watches Mom fix her and 'Pumpkins' food.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with watching while your food is being made.


We also wait, patiently I might add,  for our dinner.
Well, most of us do.

But 'Arianna'...
'Arianna' she..
Well you just have to see it.
Really, it is just too much.

She tosses her head from side to side.
She also tosses her head up and down.

She makes FACES!

She holds her foot in the air.
AND..she chases 'Pumpkin' away!

Then when Mom walks out of the Tack Room with the food, she goes to her place in the run-in, by her dish, and starts all over again till Mom gets there.

She holds her leg up.
She paws the ground.

Then she holds the other foot up. Come on for petes sake.
Enough is enough. Just eat already.

And 'Pumpkin'?
Since 'Arianna' gets her food first.

'Pumpkin' likes to piss off Nick while she is waiting.

She tips over the wheelbarrow so Nick as to pick up all of the manure a second time.
HaHa..oops..Sorry Nick.

Well, I guess what I am saying, is, Get a Dog.

We wait patiently.


Most of the time.


Time for dinner!

See you later.

With Love. Hanna

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Preakness Parade of Lights

Hi everyone!
Boy, did I have fun on Friday Night.
I got to go down to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and be in a Parade with my Mom, Jess, and my friend 'Abby'.
'Abby is a Therapy Dog too.

Mom said that we were in the Parade to represent Pets on Wheels, and let people meet all of my Therapy Dog friends.


          We left work and met everyone at the Mall.

                         I got to ride on a bus for the very first time.
It was really fun!
All of us dogs got our own seat, next to our Mom's and Dad's of course.

'Abby' sat on Mom's lap and I sat with Jess.


I kept my eye on Mom all the time to make sure she was safe.

Here are some of my fellow Therapy Dogs.

Of course they were calling for rain, so we were watching the sky the whole ride.
It was a really warm day, so a little rain would feel good.

Boy where there a lot of tall buildings!
This country girl is not used to that.
People were everywhere!
What fun!!

We had to be there early so that everyone could line up and wait for the Parade to start.
It was drizzling when we got to the Harbor.
We had just enough time to cross the street and get settled under some window awnings, when...

Thunder..Lighting..and Rain..Rain..Rain
It was so cool.

Mom was really glad that 'Abby' and I don't mind Thunder.

The storm lasted around 15-20 minutes.

Everyone was under cover, but some of the dogs liked standing out in the rain.

Mom put 'Abby' and I up in the window sill.
Jess held the umbrella to the side so the wind would not blow the rain in on us.

Can you spell S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

That's us.

I don't mind being spoiled.

The storm passed and the sky cleared up just in time to get ready for the start of the Parade.

It was time to put on all of our lights for the Parade of Lights.
Everyone had to be lite up.
Dogs and their Mom's and Dad's.


Believe is funny when your Mom and Dad look just as silly as you do.

Ms. Dawn made all of the Therapy Dogs lighted collars for the Preakness Parade.


Oh sorry.


I am done.


Really...done now.
Just too funny.

There where bands all around us.
They were practicing their music.
Boy, was it LOUD.

Isn't 'Abby' cute?



I just can't stop laughing.

Everybody looked great, and boy, were we getting a lot of attention.

I love attention.

 What girl doesn't?

Everyone looks great and ready to go. 

It was time to line up and go.

We walked and walked.

Sometimes we stopped along the way to let kids pet us.

The kids were so excited.

I had so much fun.

There were so many people.

Did I say I had fun?

I can't wait to do that again.

With Love, Hanna