Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hay Delivery

Clean again!

Got a bath Saturday. Feels good to be clean again.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun running around in that tall grass, and almost falling into the pond,but...

I was itchy ALL night.

Anyway... today was a big day. Hay delivery day and Mothers day. I got to go down and help with the hay.

I must say, it was awfully early for a Sunday morning. And COLD, only 44 degrees!
I could be in Mom's bed.
Toasty and warm.
But NO.
I just had to dance at the door so Mom would take me along.
I thought we were going to Grandma's

Mom said,' after the hay delivery.'
Oh well...this could be fun.

Dad is stacking the hay that is still left. Mom is sweeping out the old hay.
I am looking for mice.

He should be coming soon.
I think I hear him.

I had to stay back away from the big truck.
It was fun to watch the hay fall out.

Time to move 50 bales of hay.
I think I will supervise.

'Come on guys... the faster we get this done, the sooner I...I mean We get to Grandma's!'

O.K. just drop them here, and Mom will stack them up nice and neat. 
This is hard work. You have to know when to move out of the way.

I only tripped Mom 3 times.
So listen to me...if you see your Mom backing up with a 40lb hay bale...
 or you will get stepped on.
Half way done.
You guys are doing great!
We will be leaving for Grandma's soon.

Keep it moving Mom.
Just spit the hay out when it gets in your mouth. It doesn't really taste good. I don't really know why those big old horses like the stuff...way too dry for my taste.

Yea! Just a few more to move.

Come on guys, don't slow down now.
Can't you smell Grandma cooking that Mac&Cheese already?...
I Can!

Last one Mom!
Time to get ready to go.
It's Mother's Day!

Hey! I was clean.
Mom I have hay all over me. I can't go to Grandma's looking like this.

Clean me off please.
Oh...Mom...You have hay ALL OVER you.

Time to go to Grandma's!!

With Love, Hanna

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