Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to visit the Horses

We got home early from work today. Mom took "Lily" and I down to the horses field to run around.
This field is the only grass we have.
Would you believe that it is for the horses. HORSES!
They get to run in it, and roll in it, and poop on it, and EAT it.

I get yelled at when I eat the grass...Well... I do throw it up later.

We found some Fox poop, and we thought it would be a great idea to roll in it.
Mom didn't.
She had a cow, and yelled at us to stop. (Lily had a bath today)
Sometimes I really don't understand people. You don't run across Fox poop everyday! I REALLY wanted to roll!

When we finished running around the horses field, Mom decided to trust us to run around our neighbors pond, back over to our property. LOL

I did not mean to slip in. 
I thought I saw a frog near the edge.
I just wanted to smell it.
I did not know it was sooo muddy.
I just slipped.

I guess I am getting a bath tomorrow.

Mom keeps me so clean all of the time, but that was fun. Mom was not happy at first, she thought I was going to fall all the way into the pond.

(I thought so too for a second.)

Then Mom laughed about it, and said 'I had to be a dog sometimes.'

After the pond incident, we went over to see the Horses. Mom will not let us in with them. She is afraid that we would get hurt.

They are Big. I am not sure if I like them or not.

Did I mention...

They ARE big.

Then one of the horses moved, and "Lily" freaked out. Only for a second. Mom calmed her down.
It did not bother the horses at all when "Lily" barked at them.

I think they were laughing at her.

"Lily" is silly.
But she is my best friend. (Next to Mom.)

Mom hosed me off a little...ugh.
'Come on Mom, I wasn't THAT dirty.'
You will most likely give me a bath tomorrow.
Hose water IS cold.
I would rather have a warm bath!

At least Mom let me in the front door.

(I have her wrapped around my paw.)

With Love, Hanna

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