Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Job

Hi! My name is Hanna.

I am a 7 year old Standard Poodle.

On April 6, 2010, my mom and I joined Pets on Wheels, and I became a Therapy Dog.

What is that?

Well that means my mom and I go to a la
rge home where A LOT of older people live. I get to visit a lot of people and make them happy. I never knew that so many people would be happy to see ME.

I decided that I wanted to write about the people I meet, and places I get to go to.
I tried to type.
It looked really easy when my mom types, but my toes are not long enough.
My mom will be typing my stories for me.

So here is my first story... Yesterday we went to our first event, a Decoy and Arts / Crafts show.
We go to these shows t
o tell people what we do, find other dog friends and volunteers, and some people give money to help.

I got to meet some of the other volunteers.

This is "Jillian" and "Sienna". They belong to David and Vicki. I like Vicki, she scratched my ears.

This is "Corrine". She belongs to Jenna. I like her, she makes people laugh.

It was a little hot for the beginning of May. OK it was A LOT hot, close to 90 degrees. The moms made sure we had a lot of water.

This is "Chester". He belongs to Lisa.

It was fun to meet people.

And it was fun to lay around on a beautiful day listening to all of the moms and dads laughing and talking.

"Sienna" wanted to get on the school bus every time it came by.

"Jillian" just wanted to sleep!

And I wanted to run in..roll in...and eat...the grass!

You don't understand!

We live in the woods.

Trees, trees, and more TREES!

I am NOT a boy! I can't use the trees.

I want grass!

I LOVE grass!

With Love, Hanna

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