Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cat

I have cat friends.
I live with some cats.
I like cats.



Those sneaky little fur balls can get a dog in a lot of trouble.

  Just LOOK at that face...TROUBLE!



Now.. I do really like "Mocha". She is a cool kitten.
"Mocha" belongs to Jessica, and is her Bichon, Bentley's", best friend.

 They play together all of the time. Or should I say that that silly kitten dives across the room and lands on top of "Bentley".

 Watch Out Bentley!

Got him again! Really, Bentley don't let that cat get away with that.

"Bentley" even lets her chew on his tail!...Oh the disgrace.

Look out Bentley!
She's getting ready again.

Come on Bentley...Stand up for yourself.

Well, the other day this little fluff ball finally got in trouble.


Oh, excuse me...
I still laugh when I think about it.

What happened? Well I will tell you.

"Mocha" was caught pooping in Mom's plants!
Mom's plants!
Mom loves her plants. You don't poop in Mom's plants.

Mom was moving the plants out to the sunroom before she takes them outside for the summer. That is when Mom found the poop.
Unfortunately, when Mom found the poop, us dogs lost our treats.
Yes treats.
It's good stuff.
Really... ask any dog that lives with a cat.
That was why Mom didn't know that "Mocha" was pooping in her plants. We were cleaning it up for her.

Hear that Mom...We were helping you.
Oh well. It sounded good to me.

Mom couldn't figure out where we were getting our poop treats from.
We weren't telling.

Cats are good for somethings, unfortunately, the thing they are good for, we dogs are not allowed to have.

Oh by the way...

This is the way I like them!

With Love, Hanna

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