Monday, May 17, 2010

Begging for Dinner

Let me just start by saying, I DON'T BEG!

I PATIENTLY wait for my food...

and treats...

and some of Mom's food...

and what ever drops on the floor...



I do not do what 'Arianna' does.
('Arianna' is Mom's big beast of a horse.)
That silly horse puts on a show every time Mom gets her Vegetarian dinner ready.
Vegetarian, not in this life time, that horse does not know what she is missing.
Who would think a big beast like that would only eat grass, grains, seeds, carrots, apples...

Sorry...I digress.

Back to 'Arianna'.

Everyday 'Arianna' stands by the gate and watches Mom fix her and 'Pumpkins' food.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with watching while your food is being made.


We also wait, patiently I might add,  for our dinner.
Well, most of us do.

But 'Arianna'...
'Arianna' she..
Well you just have to see it.
Really, it is just too much.

She tosses her head from side to side.
She also tosses her head up and down.

She makes FACES!

She holds her foot in the air.
AND..she chases 'Pumpkin' away!

Then when Mom walks out of the Tack Room with the food, she goes to her place in the run-in, by her dish, and starts all over again till Mom gets there.

She holds her leg up.
She paws the ground.

Then she holds the other foot up. Come on for petes sake.
Enough is enough. Just eat already.

And 'Pumpkin'?
Since 'Arianna' gets her food first.

'Pumpkin' likes to piss off Nick while she is waiting.

She tips over the wheelbarrow so Nick as to pick up all of the manure a second time.
HaHa..oops..Sorry Nick.

Well, I guess what I am saying, is, Get a Dog.

We wait patiently.


Most of the time.


Time for dinner!

See you later.

With Love. Hanna

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