Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Pool!

We went to Pop's and Grandma's for a Father's Day cookout.
We walked up to Uncle Mike's house to swim in the pool.


I never saw a pool before.
It looks like a giant round bath tub.
And it is full of water.

It was HOT.
The water looked really nice.

Bentley and I just stood there looking at all of that water.

 Then, guess what happened?

Everybody jumped in!

It drove me crazy.
I could not figure out how to get in.


Bentley was checking out the water too.

Bentley looks cute here, but just wait!
Jessica took him for a swim.

He did not like it.

Jessica took him right back out.

O.K. my turn!

Come on...somebody carry ME in!

This is driving me crazy.

Oh, did I mention...

Uncle Mike has a really big yard...

fenced in...

with grass....


That made up for not going in the pool.

Back at Grandma's, it was time for a nap.

I was pooped.

Not too pooped for dessert.
Did I hear someone say dessert?
Bye for now.

With Love, Hanna

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ME!...On T.V.

Mom told me that I am going to be on T.V.

TLC to be exact.
Sunday, June 13th at 9pm.

It is a show called 'Extreme Poodles'.
It is only going to be a cameo shot of me, but that is o.k.
I am sooo excited.

The show is about Creative Grooming.
Mom and I have been competing in Creative Grooming Contests for three years.
It is so much fun going to the Grooming Expos with Mom, Jess and Nick.
I love staying at the hotels and meeting all of the people.

The Creative Grooming Contest is the most popular part of the Expo.
EVERYONE stops to watch the Creative Grooming.

Mom made me a 'Heavenly Butterfly' in dedication to my furry friends, 'Lady' & 'Cody', who past away that year from cancer.
We won 3rd place.

The next year I was a 'Hippy Dog'
We won 2nd place.

Everyone stops to take my picture and talk to me.
It is so much fun.

At Groom Expo 2009 a T.V. crew tapped me and talked to my Mom.
They said that they were there tapping for a show.
A few months ago they contacted Mom and asked if they could use a picture of me on the show.

Mom scissored Dolphins into my coat for this contest.

First Mom makes a drawing of what she wants to do.
Then she cuts my hair so that it will grow out the way she wants it for the pattern.

 The night before the contest, Mom and Jess dye my hair with a safe wash out color.

The next day, Mom has 2 1/2 hours to scissor and shape my hair into a design. She did this on a stage in front of hundreds of other groomers.

We get a break during the contest to get a drink and go outside for awhile.

I like to watch all of the people walk by.
I always hear them talking about how good I stand on the table.

You better believe it.
I am a very good girl.
Mom tells so me all the time.

Here Mom is shaping the Dolphins and the fins.

Here Mom is using child safe Blow Pens to add details to the pattern.

Only a few minutes left Mom.

All done.
We did not win last year, but it was fun.
AND I am going to be on T.V.!

I only looked like this for a day. Then Mom took me home and gave me a bath and a hair cut.

It was fun.

Did I mention that I was going to be on T.V.?

So many people came up to me and told me how pretty I was.

Oh sorry.

I am only going to be on for about 20 seconds.
At least that is what they told Mom.
But that is o.k. because...


With Love, Hanna

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mom is Back!

Yes, Mom went away again...
without me... again!

She went to the Beach.
Wildwood NJ to be exact.

I would like to go, but Mom said that dogs are not allowed on the beach at this time of year.

What a silly human rule!

Mom went with Jess for her Birthday.
They only went for a couple of days.

I missed them.

They had a  little rain, but Mom said that was o.k. because they saw a double rainbow.

and a great sunset!


With Love, Hanna

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Walks

I Love going for walks in the summer.

I Love running in the woods.

 I Love the mornings.

I Love going with Mom to take pictures of flowers.

I really Love watching all of the wildlife.
(Mom won't let me chase the squirrels.)

I Love taking walks down to the horses.

I Love watching them roll in the grass.

Mom won't like me go in and run around with 'Arianna' & 'Pumpkin'.

She said they could hurt me.

Come on Mom, I want to run with them!


One other thing..

Sniffing spiders in the Tack Room!

With Love, Hanna