Monday, May 31, 2010

Photo Shoot

I have not been on in a while...Mom has been too busy.

Going to Tennessee...without me!

Going to a Graduation Party...without me!

Oh well, she is back! That is all I care about!

Anyway, Mom called us all out side for an in-prompt-to photo shoot the other day.
(Her two legged and four legged kids)
We lined up on the stairs.
Then the fun and silliness began.

Trying to get
to look at
the camera.

Ben kept making faces.

    Jessica was sticking out her tounge.

Nick was cracking jokes.

More faces from Ben!

More of Jess and Nick fooling around!

Getting closer...

Now if everyone would just look at the camera.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Who is causing the trouble?
Not the four legged kids!

Come on Mom, get your children under control.
I am hungry, it's time for dinner!

Well, Mom can't decide.
After taking around 50 pictures...

This one...
(as close to calm as she was going to get)

    or this one...
(just joy, joy,joy)

She is still trying to decide which one she likes better.

Take your time Mom...
We are leaving.

Come on Mom, go make dinner.

Everybody is hungry.

Bye Mom...

Stop looking at the pictures.

We're not coming back.

See you later.

With Love, Hanna


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