Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom's job

I had a lazy day at work today.

I was sleeping as usual.

THEN I smelled it.

I smelled it before I woke up.

I smelled it before I saw it.

I can't even begin to discribe the SMELL.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you my Mom is a groomer.
She owns her own shop.
She likes to make dogs happy by making them look nice and smell nice.
That is why I look good. ;)

Anyway..back to that smell.

It was a very large Airedale.
We will call him Mr.M.
Mom said that Mr.M had not been groomed in over a year!

Boy did he smell like it.
I don't know how he could stand it.
I get itchy if Mom hasn't bathed me in a few weeks.
I am so happy my Mom keeps me and my friends pretty and clean.

Mom said that Mr. M was VERY matted.

AND, that he had six inch dread locks hanging off his private parts!

Mr. M was a very nice and cool dog.
He was also a very happy dog.

Mom was about to make him happier!
She had to give him THREE bathes with special shampoos for his skin and to help loosen the bad matts.
And..a special shampoo to make him smell better.

Did I mention that he REALLY stunk?

Mom said that Mr. M was well feed and a happy dog, but that some people don't understand that letting a dog get really dirty and matted can be unhealthy and painful.

After Mr. M's bath, Mom used a high powered dryer to blow the matts away from Mr. M's skin.
Now Mom can safely clip Mr. M's hair.

Oooh, he smells better!

WOW! Mr. M you turned out to be one handsome guy!
How does it feel to see again?
Mr. M was so happy to be free of all that dirty, matted hair, that he was ready to jump off the table and play!
The owners talked about grooming Mr. M more often.
We'll see.
I like watching Mom make other dogs pretty and clean.

Time for another nap.

With Love, Hanna

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