Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother;s Day at Grandma's

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.
I Love you.

Theses are the flowers we got for Mom.
She loved them.

These are the flowers Ben got for Mom.
Ben wanted to get his own flowers for Mom.

That is our Ben.

This is the flower we got for Grandma. Everyone says that Grandma has a green thumb. She can grow anything.
Her thumb doesn't look green to me.

It is so fun going to Grandma's. The whole family was there. I always help out by cleaning up any thing that falls on the floor.

I like sitting next to Pop, because he always drops something.

Mom says that I am spoiled, because all I have to do is stand next to somebody and they will give me something.
Uncle Mike is the best one to go to, because he ALWAYS gives me something to eat.

I also love going to Grandma's, because....


And I can run and run and run...


 The guys cut a tree down for Grandma, and we played a game that Mandy had.
I can't remember what it was called, but everyone had alot of fun playing it.
Grandma watched us all from the sunroom with "Bentley".
( Jessica is "Bentley's" Mom)

Aunt Michele is a great back scratcher.
I could stand there all day and let her scratch my back.

Don't stop...Don't stop.
 That's it, right there.
On the hip...oh, heaven.


I smell hamburgers!

Uncle Mike makes great hamburgers.

I love Uncle Mike.
He is a funny guy.

It was a FUN day!

I Love you Grandma.
I can't wait to see you next time.

I am pooped!

Night everyone.

With Love,Hanna

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