Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squirrel in Grandma's House

Today Dad got a call that there was a squirrel in Grandma's house.

The squirrel chewed a hole in their window screen. He came in to get the peanuts that Pop throws out the window to him everyday. That is one greedy squirrel.

Now I would NEVER chew a hole in Grandma's window, and she gives me treats whenever I visit.

Dad and Nick drove over to Grandma's, and took my friend "Joey" with them to see if he would sniff out the squirrel. (I wish they had taken ME.) I would have chased that fluffy tailed varmint right out of Grandma's house.
The squirrel was under Grandma's sofa, and would not come out. Dad said the squirrel was scared, but I think he was waiting to see if everybody would forget about him then he could go raid Pop's stash of peanuts.

Well, would you believe that "Joey" was no help at all. "Joey" said that he could not smell the squirrel, because Grandma sprayed Fabreeze all over the place trying to get the squirrel out.

O.K Joey, I won't tease you about not being able to smell the squirrel. (this time.)

Grandma had all of the doors open, and Nick picked up the end of the sofa. That silly squirrel took off, hit the door, then high tailed it outside.

He better not try that again. I'll come after him the next time, and I'll find him!

After the squirrel ran out, THEN "Joey" wanted to go out and chase him.

Don't give me that sad look "Joey". You missed your chance.

Next time it is my turn!! ;)

With Love, Hanna

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