Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have chickens...well they really belong to Nick.
Nick collects their eggs.
I like eggs.
Mom gives me some eggs when she cooks them for breakfast.

I wish she would make them EVERYDAY.

I like to visit the chickens.
They run from me.
Mom won't let me chase them :(

I want to play with them.
I promise I won't hurt them. (maybe)
I just want to stick my nose in their feathers.
And chase them...just a little bit...PLEASE.

Mom is a party pooper.

They will not come to me.
I didn't bark at them.

Here chicky, chicky.

I still like to look at them.

They won't come to my friend "Peanut" either.

"Peanut" does not care, as long as he can roll in the leaves.

Oh well...maybe I can go down and visit the horses.

I do like barking at them.

Mom said "not today."

Well, maybe tomorrow.

Ya know?...There is a manure pile at the horses.
Now if I could just sneak away from Mom for a few minutes.

Actually...I only need a few seconds to drop and roll.....

With Love, Hanna

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