Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Abby's First Visit

Today was 'Abby's' turn to visit at Hart Heritage.
I could not go because I went to Harpers Ferry on Sunday in the rain.
I got a little dirty.
I will post about that later.

Mom said that 'Abby' was a hit.
Most of the Seniors enjoyed holding her in their laps.
I am too big to get in their laps, so I just sit next to them, and let them pet me.

Mom did say that a couple of the ladies asked about me.
I will be visiting the next time with 'Abby'.

Miss Daloris really liked 'Abby'.
She asked Mom if she could keep her.
'Abby' told me that Miss Daloris gave her A LOT  of hugs and kisses.

With Love, Hanna

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