Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Loving Memory

I have not written for awhile.

We lost my little friend a couple of weeks ago very suddenly, without any warning.

One minute she was here...

Mom said she died from multiple, severe, Epileptic seizures.

Mom rush out of the house with 'Misty", but could not get to the Emergency Vet in time.

Everyone is very sad.

'Misty' was so little, that we were not allowed to play together, but at work we all slept together.

AND every morning we waited for Mom to give us our pieces of Pop Tart.

'Misty' LOVED her Pop Tarts.

She always got the first piece.

She would take it and hide in her bed, eat it, then come out for more.

We miss you 'Misty'.

Mom most of all.

Mom said she is playing at 'Rainbow Bridge', and that we will all see her again.

In Loving Memory of our 'Sweet Misty'

with Love, Hanna

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  1. Hi - hopping through on the blog hop.

    So sorry to hear about Misty. She looks absolutely precious. It sounds like she was very lucky to be a part of your family! Completely loved and cherished!