Monday, July 26, 2010


Do you like to sleep?

I do.

Boy, do I.

Mom made a special place for us to sleep while she works all day.

It is right in front of the big window, and next to Mom's table.

I love sleeping there.

Mom thinks I sleep in fun positions.

I love to sleep on my back.

And 'Lily likes to sleep on me!

She always sleeps on me.

That is o.k., 'Lily' is my best friend, after Mom of course.

I also love sleeping out on our front porch. (when it is not too hot)

The sun feels sooo good.

But just when I get all comfy cozy...

The deer come through the woods, and the the squirrels start chasing each other.

How is a dog supposed to sleep?

Oh, I like to drive Mom crazy by sleeping on the floor in front of my bed.

Of course at night I sleep in the best place of all...

On Mom's bed, right up against her legs. ;)

With Love, Hanna

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